• Meet Tony Tinerholt

    Trump & Tinderholt: Same Divisive Style & Destructive Substance​

    Even before Donald Trump brought his dangerous incompetence and divisive approach to politics, Tony Tinderholt was practicing Trump’s broken approach to politics and public office. Tinderholt first ran on a platform built on obstruction. Tinderholt was known for blowing up Arlington city council meetings and making Trump-like demeaning comments. Tump’s time in office has only made Tinderholt worse.


    Backed by some of the most divisive special interests in Texas, Tinderholt does the bidding of the Trump-wing of the Texas Republican Party in Austin. From working to block access to healthcare to dismantling Texas public schools, Tinderholt’s approach puts radical special interests ahead of Arlington-area families who need a voice at the State Capitol

  • Tinderholt's Troubled Past

    Tony Tiderholt isn't just another right-wing politician following in Trump's footsteps. He's got a troubled past that fits perfectly in Trump-land. From five separate marriages to declaring bankruptcy to committing insurance fraud, Tony Tinderholt's past helps explain his failures in the Texas House. Take a look at some of the worst episodes in Tinderholt's past:

    Allowing a minor to drive drunk

    Court documents reveal that while working as the manager of a bar, Tinderholt allowed an employee who had not yet reached the legal drinking age to be served to the point that records say he was a “clear and present danger to himself and to others.” The lawsuit states that Tinderholt was involved in allowing the employee to leave the bar and drive away. The employee was unable to manage the vehicle, left the roadway and crashed, causing “severe injuries.”

    Left children in the care of drug-abusers

    Statements made by Tony Tinderholt during a court-ordered psychological evaluation in 1999 reveal that Tinderholt invested in a child care business where his then-wife worked as a child care provider. Documents detail that Tinderholt was aware that both his wife and at least one other child care provider were abusing drugs – including crack cocaine – and were embezzling money from the business in order to buy drugs. The embezzlement to acquire drugs eventually caused the child care business to become insolvent and Tinderholt filed bankruptcy to avoid responsibility for debts incurred

  • Attacks on Healthcare

    Tony Tinderholt stays on the attack against affordable, accessible healthcare for the working families of Tarrant County. Tinderholt supports overturning the Affordable Care Act which provides protections for Texans with pre-existing conditions so they can access a doctor and prescription drugs. In office, Tinderholt has voted against the expansion of healthcare for over 1 million Texans and the creation of thousands of good-paying healthcare jobs. Tinderholt has also worked to block access to healthcare for Texas women who support their families.


    Tinderholt even filed legislation that would impose the death penalty for Texas women who made the difficult choice to have an abortion.

    KVUE on Tinderholt's Death Penalty Legislation

  • Failing Schools

    Tony Tinderholt's record on public schools is far from mainstream. Tinderholt has voted to cripple public schools and prevent the expansion of high-quality pre-K. And he voted for private school vouchers that would shift millions of dollars away from local neighborhood public schools and give it to unaccountable private schools.


    Instead of being honest with Arlington voters about his failures to represent schools and teachers, Tinderholt's campaign is pushing overtly dishonest information. The Lone Star Project has corrected the record by providing facts and cited votes in the Texas House over Tinderholt's false claims in his latest TV ad:

  • Trump-Style Tax Loopholes

    Tony Tinderholt joined with Trump-Republicans to give a multi-million dollar tax loophole to private plane owners - a loophole that would cost Texas taxpayers over $10 million. Instead of fighting for funding for public schools or good healthcare, Goldman (Krause) wants to give our tax dollars to millionaires and deep-pocket donors.